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Message from Yasmin

Dear friends,

Thank you for your support in nominating me as the 2019 Liberal Candidate in Don Valley East on August 16, 2018.

This fall, our Parliamentary agenda will be very busy.  Here is just a sample of what we have done:

  • Skills Boost – to support adults who want to return to school to update their skills
  • EI changes – people who have lost a job can go back to school and continue to receive benefits
  • Created 500,000 new jobs since 2016
  • Extended Parental EI Benefits
  • Increased payments to Senior Citizens under OAS and GIS

On October 27, 2018, I will be hosting a Town Hall on the Economy.  I will provide you with details soon.

If you live in my riding and need help with Service Canada (CPP, OAS, GIS, EI), Canada Revenue Agency, Immigration (sponsorship, citizenship, lost citizenship cards, work/study permits, permanent residence, travel visas or refugee sponsorship) please contact my Constituency Office.

My Constituency Office in DVE is located at 220 Duncan Mill Road, Suite 309, Toronto, M3B 3J5. The telephone number is 416-443-0343 and the email address is